The Difference Between Me and Kim Kardashian

I was going to ignore the hype and media buzz and just let this whole thing die it’s natural death…but then Kris Jenner had to go on the Today Show this morning and say something ridiculous. She came to her daughter’s defense (as any mother would do), and claimed that she made a mistake and had to follow her heart. What!?!

So, I was prompted to write my 10 Differences Between Me and Kim Kardashian:

  1. Although I completely understand that there are certain reasons when divorce is necessary and inevitable…being married 72 days is not an attempt to “work things out.” Boss Man and I made it 10 years already. We aren’t always deliriously happy with each other, but we realize and understand that marriage is a work-in-progress. My parents have been married for more than 48 years, perhaps they should be the ones in a reality show. Being married that long is what REAL life is all about.
  2. Mark and I started dating in 1998. We were engaged in 2000. We married in 2001. I’m not saying that being engaged, married and divorced in less than six months isn’t the way to go about it, but the other time frame seemed to work better for us.
  3. I didn’t get paid millions for my wedding photos. Although, to be fair, Kris Jenner said this morning that it wasn’t “millions.” It was less than a million, but more the $500,000. Oh, well, I guess that makes it all better then. Let’s just skip to #4.
  4. We’re both involved in social media. Although, my recordings of our day-to-day activities and blogging about our farm is a tad bit low-scale compared to the three-ring-circus that makes up the Kardashian brand. The difference? I try to educate and inform with the information I provide. I still don’t understand the point of the Kardashian shows. Maybe it’s best I don’t?
  5. Both our weddings were large. Although I only wore one gown and we didn’t spend a fraction of what was spent on the Kardashian debacle. Our event was more of a “homegrown” celebration. And with both of us from the same area, we had a lot of people to include. It was fun, it was amazing and it was the best day of my life, aside from my children being born.
  6. The Kardashian wedding produced hours of TV fodder, media hype, wasted air space and a ton of really funny emails and Tweets (especially those with the hashtag #thingslongerthankimsmarriage). Our wedding produced four amazing, wonderful boys that will hopefully have a positive impact on the world. (And not one of them knows who Kim Kardashian is…but they all know their mommy!)
  7. There isn’t a single stitch of skin on me that isn’t real…from wrinkles, to stretch marks, to c-section scars…I bear it all (well, not REALLY bear it all, no one in the world would want to see that!). Well, I do have to confess one thing…my hair color is not my own. It’s been provided to me for years by a wonderful stylist. Reason being? My mom was completely silver by the age 18. I would have been close behind her, if it wasn’t for hair color. And I wear it with pride! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Someone once asked me what my “natural” hair color is. My answer? I don’t intend to find out!
  8. I’m not famous. And I know why. She is…and I don’t know why.
  9. I open our farm and our lives to your questions, hoping to connect, communicate and educate. She opened her lives to her TV audience. And chooses to put on a show, scam people out of money and make a mockery out of matrimony. I may not be the most successful at what I’m trying to do, but I’d rather be somewhat successful with good intentions, than completely successful with the wrong intentions.
  10. I may or may not fit into my wedding dress, but that was four kids and 10 years ago. She better still fit into hers. It’s probably not even cleaned yet.

I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to jump on the bandwagon and comment on this garbage, but I plan to print out all of my posts for my boys one day, and I’d like for them to have this as a reminder. A reminder that sometimes those things that we want the most, and make us the most happy, are those thing that we have to work the longest and hardest for…it’s a lesson we can all learn.

10 thoughts on “The Difference Between Me and Kim Kardashian

  1. You go, Girlfriend…and we will all follow you! Thanks for bringing reality back to being real. My equation: 1 husband,+ 1 wife+ 3 great kids+ family farm+ working together for our living and our happiness and making our marriage work=27 years of wedded bliss.

    Just finished corn harvest on Friday…the hum of the corn dryer in finally silent. Round bales and stacks to be finished before the snow flies here in WI…chance for snow by next couple of days!

    • Thank you! And congratulations on 27 years…here’s to the next 27! My uncle from Wisconsin is on his way here, as we speak. He comes every year for deer season. I love going back to my home state when I can! ๐Ÿ™‚ (But you can keep the snow there, I don’t want any here in ND for awhile!)

  2. I don’t think you are jumping on the bandwagon. The bandwagon jumpers don’t write well-thought out, insightful blog posts like the one you’ve just written. It’s so hard for me to understand why most people in this world don’t appreciate the simple things life has to offer. Sure, Kim’s bouquet probably cost a grand, but it’s a beautiful thing that plants and flowers can grow in the first place, that water carved the grand canyon. Nature has the most beauty, not a manufactured wedding, and it sure looks like you know all about nature! Thanks for the great read!

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