Monday Morning Inspiration

Last night, our church hosted the Fifth Sunday Sing. (I bet you can’t guess how often these happen?)

It was amazing! From the country church singers, to the little girl with the amazing voice, to the wonderful woman with her puppet, to the children’s bell choir to the group from South Korea.

The children's bell choir...ready to go!



That’s right, I said a group from South Korea.

There was a group of students that attend Northern State University (in Aberdeen, SD, just a bit south of us), that go to church in Ellendale. They blessed us with music from their culture last night. Do you know what the best part was? Even though I did not know what they were saying (although, truthfully, the words were on the screen, I was just too mesmerized to read them), it was one of the most powerful performances I’ve ever heard.

Perhaps it was the jubilation in their voices, perhaps it was the talent of their pianist and guitarist, or perhaps it was just the love of God flowing through the whole church…whatever it was, it was a sight to behold. Of all the times to not have my flipcam! Argh! I was brought to tears by words from another country, I didn’t understand what they were saying, but I completely understood everything they meant.

And the evening just kept going on in much the same way…amazing talent, beautiful music, wonderful fellowship and a feeling of joy and happiness as you left the sanctuary. What a great way to end one week and start another!

My boys...ringing their bells!



I just had to share that with you…and a reminder, less than 2 hours until the KitchenAid drawing! 🙂

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