Fight Like a Girl

Right now, it is Sunday evening, and I spent a fair amount of time watching NFL football today. Yes, I know, it’s a tad unusual for the wife of the family to be the avid football watcher, but that’s the way it works around here. And what I loved about today’s games was the sea of pink.

For those that don’t know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…as far as I’m concerned, it could be Breast Cancer Awareness Month every month, or just simply Cancer Awareness Month. But October has received the designation. And in honor of the pinkest month on the calendar, I’m hosting a giveaway.

This isn’t just your ordinary, everyday giveaway either. This is a big one.

In fact…I wish I could win, because I’m giving away something that I don’t even own myself. That’s right, my kitchen is not complete. I do not own a Kitchenaid.

But one of my lucky readers certainly will!

On Halloween (that’s right, October 31!), I will draw one lucky winner to receive a pink Kitchenaid 5 qt. Artisan Stand Mixer. I’m not kidding. It’s on it’s way to my house right now!

Imagine all the goodies this bad boy (or should I say girl?) can whip up?

Not only will the winner receive a Kitchenaid mixer, but I also have a slug of pink Kitchenaid stuff to go with it. Including: whisk, bamboo spatulas, set of 4 prep bowls and set of 3 mixing bowls. Kinda cool, eh?

Not quite the tools needed to fight cancer, but great tools to use as a pick-me-up!

So, how do you win? Easy…comment on this post. Tell me one way cancer has changed your life, or affected your family, or made you appreciate all that you have. Leave a comment, and you’ll receive one entry. Only comments on this particular blog post will count towards winning the mixer and gadgets, but comments on other posts are encouraged as well! 🙂

Ah, but you can earn extra entries…send some Cancer Kicking Love on over to my blogging sister Leontien, leave a comment on her blog, letting her know that many others across the country are praying for her, and helping her be strong when she feels week. Do that, leave a separate comment letting me know you have, and you’ll earn another entry. I’ve even made it easy, just click on the button below!

And, if you so choose, you can earn five extra entries by emailing me at: and telling me your story. This month isn’t JUST about breast cancer. Tell me about your struggles, your fears, your moments of amazement. Make us laugh, make us cry, inform us with statistics. Whatever it may be. I hope to intersperse our stories throughout the month. You can stay anonymous (just tell me so in your email), or I can give you full credit. Whatever you’re comfortable with, I’m game. And I’ll be adding mine in as well.

For those that don’t know…my mother is a cancer survivor. It was a fluke, an accident, a cold that didn’t get better. And somehow a rare cancer of the soft palate of her mouth was found. I’ll tell you her story later, but I know that almost everyone reading this has a story. Cancer sucks that way. It touches everyone.

But the good thing is, we have each other…and pretty soon, one of you will have a Pink’ed-out kitchen!

Good luck, God bless…and Fight Like a Girl!

144 thoughts on “Fight Like a Girl

  1. Val
    I have had several family members die of cancer. Grandpa (pancreatic), an Aunt (ovarian), and the Husband’s Uncle (kidney).

    Our small community has lost 2 young ladies to cancer within the last 2 years.

    Cancer is a devastating disease that has affected so many people.

  2. I have been following Leontien’s blog for a while and leave her comments. I also joined the FaceBook page “Love for Leontien” when it first came out.

  3. My wife and one sister survived breast cancer by my youngest sister did not and died from pancretic cancer.

  4. My grandpa died of lung cancer when I was 9 months old. I don’t remember him but, from all the stories, he seemed like a great man and someone I would’ve learned a lot from. Hearing about how he died has definitely deterred me from ever even trying smoking.

    Non cancer related, I love football but my boyfriend doesn’t watch it unless he’s with me. Unfortunately, my team is not good this year.

  5. There’s been cancer in my family along with me having 3 types of pre-cancerous conditions that were caught early. One was 30 years ago, the other six months. I’m still not out of the woods yet, more tests,etc but things look OK for now.
    I also have a friend, in fact I babysat for her when she was a little girl, whose daughter got cancer at a fairly young age. My friend’s sister has a blog that chronicles everything if anyone would like to read it. (I don’t think she’d mind me sharing!) Her blog is

  6. A long-time friend sent me the link to this blog today because I was just diagnosed with breast cancer last month. I am having a mastectomy in two weeks. A plastic surgeon will reconstruct my breast at the same time. A month later I will begin chemotherapy. I will lose my hair. My life has changed dramatically in the past month. I’ve seen more doctors during that time than I probably have seen in my entire life. The next year is going to be quite a challenge for me, but fortunately it was caught very early via mammogram and the prognosis is good. I have two teenage daughters and I plan to be around for a long time so that I can play with my grandchildren someday!

  7. When cancer is close it sure makes you take notice at how precious people and time spent together becomes.

    Anonymous please.

  8. Breast cancer is rampant in my family – mom diagnosed at age 34, my sister at age 29, maternal aunt at 40….and so on. I used to be absolutely terrified at receiving the same diagnosis but I’m not as afraid now. New technology has made diagnosis and treatment so much more efficient.

    Andi….I will be thinking of and praying for you!

  9. When I was a Sophomore in high school my 2 year old cousin was rushed from Rapid City to Minneapolis after being diagnosed with Acute Lymphblastic Lukemia. This is my most profound memory of cancer. My whole family’s world changed. His older cousin came to live with us for the summer,and we had to drive to Minneapolis a lot. Through that 4 months I never saw my little cousin cry. He was a true tough cowboy. Wore his hat to every treatment, flirted with all the nurses, and wore his cowboy boots whenever he could. When people asked him how he was, he proudly showed off his scared from having a port installed. The bravery of a 2 year old will teach you a lot about life. It Has inspired me to always look at the positives in life and keep looking forward. He is now 8, in school, and still very proud to show off his scares!

    This isn’t my only story of cancer, but one that affected me the most and changed me as a person. If I were to win, the mixer and supplies would Go to my aunt, who loves to bake as much as me. She and I have a lot in common and its something I would love to be able to give her after everything she as done for and given me.

  10. I gave my friend Andi..see above, this link. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband is working in Saudi Arabia and she has two teenage daughters. Even though I am sure she is scared, she always uses her sense of humor to get through the stress of everything. She is so positive and uplifting that I hope you pick her to receive this mixer. I can’t imagine anyone more deserving. Go Andi!!

  11. A family friend and past neighbour is fighting cancer right now. She was always a strong farm woman and it’s hard hearing updates about how weak she is now.

  12. I have lost a cousin to cancer of the throat and tongue, my husband lost an uncle and cousin (father and son, a few months apart) to a similar cancer of the tongue and jaw. None were smokers. My sister is a four year breast cancer survivor. My mother in law is a 35 year thyroid cancer survivor. Everyday I pray that this horrible cancer can be eradicated. And you are right everyone knows someone either friend, family or acquaintance with a cancer story, and I wish it wasn’t so.

  13. My grandmother died of skin cancer when I was 14. I used to make the four hour trips with her and my mom to the cancer hospital in Houston for treatment and I can still remember the conversations between them as we traveled the long trip. I remember thinking that I would do my best to protect my skin from the sun, knowing that this disease was taking my grandmother. Now, decades later, I have always been careful with her in my memory.

  14. A few years ago, my husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I thank God each day that our doctor ordered a scope test for him instead of just the OTC antacids. He’s young, only 41 at the time, so cancer is pretty rare at our age. But the cancer was found very early, we were lucky. He had to have 2/3 of his stomach removed, he had months and months of chemo and radiation. He did very well and wasn’t overly sick, but it was a very stressful time. We spent a lot of time laying on the bed, him not feeling well, me rubbing his back. I would change the TV channel over to Americas Funniest Videos and before long, we would be laughing and he’d feel better. All is good now! He still has scans every 6 months, which are very hard on all of us. Every little twinge he gets, he worries. But we get thru it. I love him so much! He and our 11 year old daughter-they are my complete world! They are the reason I get up every day, the reason I do everything I do.

    It was him and me fighting back against cancer and getting thru each day, one hour at a time. And we did it, we got thru it holding on each other and being strong and finding something to laugh about. In an odd way, his cancer brought us back together and we’re a much stronger family now. We learned a lot about each other and we learned a lot about life. We learned life is good! Love one another, live life better and learn to appreciate laughter.

  15. I would love to have a pink’ed out kitchen! My mom had cancer. She was sick and not getting better so she finally decided to get it checked out and the Dr thought maybe she had tuberlocolos(?) so he ran some test’s and admitted her to the hospital. On Mother’s day he came in and told us she had Renal Cell Cancer. She say a specalist on that following Monday, but sadly we only had 3 very special week’s with her before she lost her fight. We love her and miss her every day! Thanks for letting us share out thoughts and storys. Laura

  16. My mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 and it came back with a vengance 20 years later at 56. She fought hard, but lost the battle April 8, 2000. I was only 29…it has been hard learning how to be a mother without her. My sister also had colon cancer at 36 and 3 of my 4 grandparents died from battles with cancer (the 4th grandparent also battled breast cancer and won!) So let me put in a plug…..GO GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM AND COLONOSCOPY!!!!! GETTIN’ SQEEZED AND SCOPED CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!
    I pray for all those fighting cancer, everyday I pray for a cure for cancer, of any kind. Any small step in the right direction to save someone/some family the pain that cancer can bring. One thing cancer can never take away is our memories of those we love dearly and our faith in God our creator, comforter and protector.
    Val this is an amzing prize giveaway! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

  17. Cancer has effected my life, perhaps not as closely as your family or many of the readers, but my cousin was diagnosed cancer at age 8! She needed a blood transfusion to cure her, thus Riley Children Hospital in Indianapolis gave her the proper treatments and chemo and after many prayers, she has been 12 years in remission and cancer free!

  18. My mother-in-law was a breast cancer surviver for over 30 years, but it was an unexpected cancer that took her life – esophogeal. Tough, beautiful woman.

  19. My mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in May 2010 and for as healthy as my mom was this was a complete shock. The word cancer has always gave me a shiver up my spine and but to hear my mom say she has it I nearly passed out. But she has been a trooper and has overcome so much and hopefully in a few days we will hear the word “remission”. It is an eye opener I enjoy every moment I can with family and take nothing for granted!!

  20. My sister just came out of a year of hell with breast cancer. Praise God she is now cancer free. My dad has skin cancer, lost part of his ear to it and at 91 years old, they say he is too old to treat with anymore surgeries. Cancer sucks but it has taught me to never take anyone for granted.

  21. I can remember the navy blue dress with white Mary I wore to my father’s funeral when I was only 6 years old. He was 6′ 8″ and a dashing 25 year old.

    Colon Cancer may have taken his life but it inspired me to conquer life and dream goals the average 6 year-old doesn’t comprehend.

    Cancer is a double edged sword, it can take a life, change a life and inspire others.

  22. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2011, she is now cancer free. I will message you with the whole story

  23. The first time I think I ever heard the word “cancer” was when I was 11 and my mom asked the doctor what was wrong with my dad who was in the hospital. “He has cancer,” was the reply. It was perfunctory and emotionless. I didn’t know what that meant exactly – but I knew life would never be the same. They gave him 6 months to live. He lasted about 6 weeks. Fortunately, things have progressed considerably since then and cancer is no longer a death sentence.

  24. I have been faced with alot of cancer in our family. My mother in law survived breast cancer, my step dad passed away from Lukemia, my uncle survived pancreatic cancer, and a great uncle has passed away from cancer. It is a very ugly disease.

  25. Val, Thought I would share an experience I had a couple years ago.
    I went in on Dec. 9, 2009 for my usual mamogram. A couple days later I got a call from the Clinic that my mamogram showed possible lump; and that I should go for a recall mamo. So on Dec. 16 I went back and had a ‘deep depression’ mamogram. On Dec. 20th the clinic called to say I should have an appointment with the surgeon!! So Dec. 21st, my birthday, I went for my appointment with the surgeon. He had reviewed my records and concurred with me that what they had seen was scar tissue from a biopsy I had in April, 1964, for a fatty tumor. To say the least I was very relieved but grateful to have had a second opinion to set my mind at ease.

  26. I hate the word Cancer and I hate cancer. In the last 10 years it has taken my gramma, uncle, aunt, and cousin’s husband. Cancer changes the lives of so many and too many families have lost loves due to this terrible disease. We pray everyday to all those fighting for cures.

  27. My grandmother passed away from cancer. My aunt and my sister have had cancer. My husband has cancer now. It makes such a HUGE impact on one’s life…and really count the importance of life every day.

  28. I guess cancer first entered into my life about the same time I entered the world. My mom suffered from cancer for many years. It eventually took her life when she was only 39 years old. She left behind my dad and 4 kids. Phil was 22, I was 16, Lucas was 13 and Stephanie was 10. Our lives were forever changed. Since then I have known dozens more that have fought this battle and lost but am happy to say I also know many that have won. In the past ten years my sister and I have been involved with Relay for Life in one way or another. It is such a wonderful event and I look forward to many more years of it in Dickey County.

  29. I had a cancer scare..I am one of the lucky ones..My Maternal Grandmother had a mastectomy way back when I was barely in my teens(I’m almost 60 now). Grandma was always tough so I just naturally figured she would come through it with flying colors.
    Little did I know then what she went Drs. often times did radical surgeries
    whether they were warranted or not. Grandma raised my Mother and Uncle as a single Mom and never lost her sense of humor about life. When someone told her they were sorry about her surgery..she’d smile and say that now she had another place for her
    hankie. God Bless her..I tried to have her courage when I waited those precious minutes to see if the biopsy was benign or not.

  30. I cannot count the number of family members and friends who have fought cancer. It is the reason I do what I can to help promote the fight against cancer. I am getting ready to make a bunch of quilted shawls to donate to the cancer center for women fighting breast cancer and undergoing therapy.

  31. how cancer has affected my life….wow…that’s sort of like the california tar pits….a large sucking hole. Not sure how to sum it up in a little short version…but my daughter certainly deserves that mixer..My son was 13 in 2000 when he was first diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, stage 4…2.5 years of chemo..most of that time spend in hospital…my daughter was just going into 6th grade..she learned to cook/clean and do laundry over night. My husband took a second job so I could be at the hospital with my son. chemo ended…side effects didn’t…lots of ongoing issues. Christmas 2009…cancer came back…same cancer…same stage4,,,9 months of chemo which didn’t work…. then a stem cell transplant…again…everything on my daughter’s shoulders so I could go stay at hospital with my son (3 hrs away) he was in the hospital for 25 days….now cancer in remission for now…but it has be come our life…I wrote a blog…it isn’t’s my bitching and complaining and trying to make the other people in my life understand how devastating it all is…how it grabs a hold of every part and try to rip it apart….but we fought back..went right to the edge this second time around, but we’re picking up the pieces and make life ours again. My son is tired, has many side effects, lots of skin and immune system issues, but he’s here and we’re grateful for that…we’re recharging for the next uphill battle.

  32. Cancer has touched my life a few different ways. I lost my grandmother when I was ten to cancer. My boyfriend’s father passed of leukemia five years ago. On a brighter note, one of my dearest friends from high school beat lymphoma in 2005.

  33. After seeing my twin brother go through surgery, radiation and chemo, I have seen how life-changing cancer can be. Thanks be to God he just had his first year of being free from cancer.

  34. We hear about new people every day with breast cancer. It breaks my heart to hear of strong, wonderful women undergoing the devastation of this disease. Recently a childhood friend of mine beat breast cancer and is in remission, and a small town neighbor (all my children’s 4th grade teacher) has found that her breast cancer is back and has spread to her bones. She is fighting for all she’s worth and our whole community is fighting for her. Bless you for bringing this subject to your blog and for the amazing give-away!

  35. Grandfather, both grandmothers and two of my closest friends have all had cancer. My two friends are the only two who have survived it. So thankful for those who are still here, and missing the ones who are not.

  36. My stepmom and her sister both lost a breast to cancer. Their daughters all feel like it is just a matter of time until they get it. They fight with their insurance companies over mammograms because they aren’t in the age bracket yet that is considered the “right time” for mammograms. A very close friend lost his 34 year old wife (mother to 2 small children) to breast cancer. Such a scary, horrible, awful disease.

  37. What an awesome tribute, Val. Cancer sucks. I lost my grandpa when I was 2 to lung cancer. My Aunt lost her battle with liver cancer when she was 52 and my other Aunt is currently battling luekemia which may be a side effect from the radiation she received for breast cancer.

  38. I am a breast cancer survivor 8 1/2 years . I also lost my husband 19 months ago of cancer. It is not easy but it changes you and your family from the inside and out.

  39. Oh gosh, where do I start about cancer in my life?! One of my first experiences with it was with my grandfather. In addition to many other problems he faced, he also had throat cancer. If you’d like to read about one of his other health issues (organ failure) you can check here:

    My most recent experience with cancer is my fiance’s grandmother is fighting bone cancer. She is a breast cancer survivor and is now fighting this. We’re praying she makes it to our wedding. She is a fighter so hopefully we will have her at our big day next October.

  40. My father-in-law was diagnosed last summer with breast cancer. He had a double mastectomy and is done with his treatments. We moved here once we got the diagnosis to run the ranch, cancer has changed our lives and family forever. It’s a horrible disease and I can’t wait until there is a cure.

  41. My mother lost her battle to cancer when I was 12 and my brother was 9. There still isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her and miss her terribly. Especially on big occasions such as my wedding and the birth of my son. I always do and always will support cancer research. Maybe one day……..

  42. One of my best friend’s son was diagnosed with Lymphoma right before his 19th birthday. Because of it we both joined our local Relay For Life Committee. At the first meeting I attended they asked everyone to stand, then they asked if you were fighting or had fought cancer to please sit, then you were asked to sit down if you had a family member that had fought or is fighting cancer, then you were asked to sit down if you had a friend fighting or fought cancer. Do you know by the time we were asked the third question everyone in the room was seated? Can you name someone who HASN’T been affected by cancer? I can’t, weather it’s you, a family member,close friend or neighbor, or the person waiting on you at the grocery store. Cancer affects us all.

  43. I’m 27 and my sister in law passed away from Breast Cancer when she was 29. There’s rarely a day that passes that I don’t think of her and it inspires me to live each day to its fullest.

  44. My mother had Melanoma when I was 11 years old (I’m 65 now). I have avoided the sun ever since then. So far I am the only one out of all my aunts and cousins the has not had some kind of skin cancer. My mother also survived uterine cancer when she was in her 70s. One aunt, two uncles and one cousin so far, all lost to cancer.

  45. My grandfather passed away from lung and throat cancer when I was 11 years old, after which my grandmother fought breast cancer TWICE – and survived! She’s such an inspiration to me. Thank you for such an amazing giveaway.

  46. I just lost my dear sweet grandmother a month ago. She had been sick for a few years, dealing with what the doctors called persistent bladder infections. Come to find out those so called bladder infections was actually cancer the whole time. My grandma was diagnosed with bladder cancer in April and is no longer suffering but rather dancing on streets of gold in heaven as of August 31st. Cancer has never been more real in our lives. We are not promised tomorrow so we take each day and live our life to the fullest and count our many blessings.

  47. dear families
    god bless all & what u been through,,as for me iam a truly bless mother of a lil girl born with tumors on the face area and has beening fighting for her life since she was born.the tumors are Benign tumors aren’t cancer. Malignant ones are. Her Benign tumors are differnet they can grow in more then one place. Even so, they can be dangerous if they press on vital organs, such as your brain there is no cure and they grow back .she is a fighter and i try to give her a regular life .At times it hard but having a 1 yr older brother and 1 yr younger brother she truely bless..the 1 prayer i have is for to have a fulling life and find and 1 day find a friend that she cant have to share her up & downs with..she will be 12 on oct.13..i cant wait to party …she has already out lived her life expectancy…xoxox nikki

  48. Lost my mom to cancer in 1984….I was 20 and my brother was 12. She was only 49 and a lovely courageous woman of strong faith that cared deeply for everyone around her. Pray that there is a cure for this awful disease some day….

  49. First, I am sorry to read that you and your family are having to deal with Cancer head on. I wish you sister and your family the best of luck with her treatments. Secondly, I am glad to read that your mother is a cancer survivor. Cancer has always affected my family. My Grandfather dies of Colon Cancer when I was young. My Aunt Linda whom was more like a mom to me was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer and she did all of the necessary treatments and procedures and was in remission however the Cancer spread to her bones making her unable to work and suffering with pain. I miss her on a daily basis, my kids absolutely loved her also. I can still remember her last day not hospitalized before she passed. I tool her to her appointment and we went to eat at Bob Evans which was her favorite. She bought a Collie when she found out that the Cancer was back and named him Savior, hoping to keep her mind off of everything. She then bought a Golden Retriever puppy named Lindy. Lindy was a very rambunctious puppy and as her Bone Cancer progressed she was unable to care for her, so I inherited a lovely dog that reminds me of her daily. When my Aunt Linda passed Savior went to live with another cousin. Savior passes away almost a year ago to Bone Cancer. I had my own Cancer scare when I was pregnant for my now three year old. All of my Pap Tests came back bad and we discovered that I had Cervical Cancer. The crazy part is that my husband and I had not planned on getting pregnant at this point and were actually preventing it but it happened. And I always say that my son is my life saver. If we had not caught the Cancer when we did, the outcome could have been a lot worse. I still get emotional when I am around babies and know that my chances of having another one are very slim but then I look at my son and remember that god at least gave me him and my other two beautiful children. I pray that one day there will be a cure for ALL things evil, including all types of Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis and all other diseases/illnesses that make the people we love sick!!!!

  50. I have lost a number of people in my life to cancer but most recently this summer my beloved aunt to lung cancer and just last month my cousin to bone cancer. Its been a tough year for my family….God bless

  51. Lost my grandmother in 1980. On the day I was supposed to be born. I guess God wanted us to meet, just not on Earth. I always tease the other grandkids that I was the only one who got to attend her funeral…in utero. All of my aunts and uncles have now passed the age at which their mom was when she died of colon cancer, but not without scare. All of her children and some grandchildren have all had colonoscopies, thankfully nothing has been found.

    There are many more stories, all of the parents of my high school classmates have been due to cancer so far. Last year two of them passed away within 3 months, they were brothers, both had kids in my class…

    Praying everyday they find a cure.

  52. My mom had cancer when she was 18 yrs old. Not breast cancer but female..I never knew what kind. Anyway this WONDERFUL woman adopted & raised 4 children. We had her to the late age of 64 when the cancer had returned. It’s hard to believe that we had her that long since she had the cancer so young in life. Obviously God needed her to take care of the 4 of us & kept her here. My dad knew when he married her she could not have children. They knew each other from very young. Grew up down the road from each other. Guess God saw that Dad was the one He wanted to help Mom care for us. Thank you God!!!

  53. In Jan 2005 my now mother in law was told she had breast cancer. It devasted my husband, who shouldered some of the family responsibilty in order to help out and relieve stress on her. We were planning a wedding, finishing college, and driving 4-6 hours one way to haul his 2 youngest sisters (17 & 9) to cow shows so their lives could remain as normal as possible. 6 months later the week of my wedding my mother in law recieved her treatments early so that she could help prepare for the big day. She never rested or complained and always wore a smile. Those were tough times for her and even though we thought treatments had gotten it all it returned 5 months later. Luckily she has finally made it to remission and we get to enjoy more time with her. It has been a struggle that has brought us all closer together and to God.

  54. Thoughts and prayers with all of you who have survived, are coping with the loss of a loved one, and those of you who are conjuring up the strength for your own fight. I wish you all the best.

  55. Thank you for being such an inspiration, I’m praying for your sister, too. Many people in my family have had cancer, mainly skin cancer, and I try to protect and educate myself to my best ability…

    You’re right, girls fight great!

  56. During my gradeschool years I watched my aunt go through surgery (removal of her ring finger) and yet another surgery as they did not get it all the first time… she lost her arm (below the shoulder). As a grown adult, I had a complete hysterectomy at age 28 (due to pre-cancerous cells). Sending prayers for your friend and on my way to leave a message for Leontien!

  57. My niece, Maggie, was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer when she was only 15 years old. She has shown us all in my family how to deal with such difficult issues with grace and
    dignity. She has had to undergo two different surgeries to open her brain so the doctors could get to the tumor. She has undergone treatment and still has days where she is wiped out but she graduated with her class on time and is in her second year of college. She is one amazing gal who has taught us to live life one day at a time and to enjoy the little things in life as they are really the most important things.

  58. So many people are fighting….and some beating cancer. I pray that someday no one will have to suffer thru the pain & treatments. Cancer will be cured!

  59. My sister has some cancerous breast tissue removed a couple of years ago and now my other sister has to go back and have another mammogram because something showed up in the 1st one. I don’t know all the medical terms for what they have right now but as soon as you hear the word Cancer you get nervous. I haven’t had a mammogram in 4yrs.I didn’t even realize it was that long.I have been seeing the same doctor too and he never mentioned to me I should get one. So I have an appt. this October to have mine done.It is so important for us as women to take control and get this done. God bless all the cancer patients in this world.

  60. My Grandpa Anderson passed away a little over a year ago with cancer in his lungs. My Aunt battled cervical cancer two years ago and by God’s infinite grace, she won. (Take that, cervical cancer!)

  61. My Aunt was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer about the same time as J’s uncle was starting his battle with cancer. My cousin-in-law has an acquaintance that makes “cancer bracelets.” The bracelets are made of 14 colored beads with silver beads in-between. Each colored bead represents a different type of cancer. They also have a ribbon dangle. I wear my bracelet everyday in remembrance of those affected by cancer.

  62. I’ve been a breast cancer survivor for five years. Five, long, hard years. My 40th birthday present to myself was to get my first mammogram; I just didn’t realize a diagnosis of breast cancer would come with it. I am the first person to get cancer in my family; in a way, I think I’m lucky. Maybe I can take the hit for my family members–hope so! I just signed up to be a volunteer at our local cancer house. It took five years to get the courage, but I’m ready to really help others. It’s not enough for me to walk in walks, or participate in tennis rallies. I need to get in the trenches and be a voice for those that need it the most–the newly diagnosed, the newly scared. Wish me luck!

  63. Oh my gosh sweetie! This is amazing!
    I checked and i was SURE i left a comment but i keep scrolling up and down and i can’t find it!!! if feels so bad, cause i think this is absolutely amazing!!!

    Thank you for reaching out!!!

    Big big hugs

  64. Right now I am in the Hosp, University of MN. A great place to be when you are sick, as I sit here checking my facebook, many people remind me that life can quickly pass by us, one minute here and one minute gone. My son, Jacob died on June 11, just 2 hours after he was born from Trisomy 13. His due date would have been this coming week, Oct 13.

    Whatever it is we all have our trials, whether it be cancer or Trisomy 13 or any other illness, I hope I can challenge you all to do something for some else this week (your random act of kindness might be the only thing keeping them going, just one random act of kindness, fill someone’s bucket: today.
    Our mission:To create safer, kinder, more respectful school cultures where children are ready to learn

    • To create communities where all children grow up confident, resilient, caring, and responsible
    To strengthen, encourage, and support families to become bucketfilling families
    • To create positive, supportive workplaces
    To make bucket filling a habit and a way of life, resulting in individuals with full buckets who are healthy mentally, emotionally, and socially.

    You are in my prayers, keep fighting.

  65. My grandfather died from pancreas/liver cancer 4 years ago this week. I just had my bile duct removed this past Wed and re-routed at the U of MN medical center Fairview. I had a cyst in my bile duct which was causing terrible pain which could eventually lead to cancer, I will have to be tested once a year to make sure my liver doesn’t become cancerous. I do not have cancer but now know how scared you can be and how I need to take preventative measures.
    Hope someday we can find a cure.
    Thanks, Val. Your friend, Jackie

  66. 2 days ago I lost a dear friend to cancer. She was like a second grandmother to me and I’d known her all my life. She beat cancer once and had a few healthy years, only to come down with a strange infection a month ago. The doctors ran tests and realized her cancer was back…and terminal. She died 2 days ago.

  67. I have few family relatives who have suffered from cancer. It is a terrible disease and it runs so widespread in the world. I feel like people are spneding money on this and that, but in my country no complex health care or research is actually being supported. It drives me mad, because I feel so helpless and useless, when I see my dear ones suffering and I can´t offer them any “real” help. I know I do a lot for them, still I feel like there´s so much more.

  68. I’ve lost 3 grandparents to cancer, the last & most recent being my maternal grandfather, who passed away Christmas morning 2008. A coworker and my mother-in-law have both survived breast cancer. I have another coworker whose 2-year-old son is losing his battle with lymphoma. It is a horrible, awful disease.

  69. A wonderful idea, here, Val. Bringing people together to share their connections with an a tough disease. Family members and friends of mine have passed due to many forms of cancer and my hope is thatsomeday soon, a generation of doctors will have an “ah ha!” moment and help make this world cancer free!

  70. I went and read up on Leontian’s story. Whew, I was only two or three sentences into it and i was tearing up. She has quite a fight in front of her, but it looks like she has loads of support! what a gift! Left her a message as well!

  71. We lost an aunt and uncle on my dad’s side, both at 66, both with cancer of the lymph nodes. My mom, her sister and mother all had female cancers, ovaries or cervical or both. All have no uterus. My sister had ovarian cancer, ovaries removed and couldn’t have children. My sister-in-law started out with colon cancer, now spread to liver and more. In addition to my dad, some of the men in my husbands family had/have prostate cancer. Husband’s aunt and cousin both had breast cancer, cousin just recently, aunt 30 years ago (her’s came back in her back 20 years later).
    We’ve watched my sister-in-law go thru near torture, and drain emotionally on both her and her husband is really hard to watch. All we can do is keep praying.

  72. Most of us have been touched by cancer at some point in our lives. I think it’s the adult equivalent of the boogeyman, the monster in the closet. In 2001 when my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer of the spine (and later in his brain) the monster came roaring out of the closet. For our family – it brought us closer, it made us take note of the little things, and it helped us to understand what the important stuff is. I can’t quite make the leap to saying that it was a blessing, but there were moments that increased our faith, allowed us to lean when we needed to lean, and made us a little bit stronger, a little bit wiser. Jerry passed away in 2003 at the age of 44, but even 8 years later, the monster is not quite as scary, his roar not quite so loud. The Lord is there to carry you when you need him.

  73. My Moms Mother died before I was ever born of cancer, since it was the 60’s they found it late and were never sure where it started, they just told them to take her home and keep her comfortable. Makes my Mom and Sister and I diligent about self exams and pap smears…Years later my Other Grandmother, who was never a smoker got throat cancer. They were able to get rid of it, but she was never as healthy after that. There are so many ppl I know who have been affected by cancer I hope we can soon make greater progress to getting rid of it.

  74. I have posted to Leontian, and liked her page as soon as it came up on facebook. I’m so hoping that the thoughts and prayers of everyone help speed her to recovery!

  75. My mom had colon cancer, and 2 of my aunts have had breast Cancer. And being a nurse, I see the many joys when someone hears We got the whole thing, and the sorrow of the3 scary words.. You have Cancer.

  76. My story of cancer… When I was a kid my best friend’s mom was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. My best friend and I met when I was 2 and she was 4 at a shelter for battered women and children. When we all moved out of the shelter we lived together and my best friends mom became my 2nd mother. When she was diagnosed my childhood memory is of her being excited to loose her hair and buy fun wigs… However she never did loose her hair and she survived cancer.

    Fast forward 20 years to this last December. I got a call about my Grandmother, she had been taken to the ER because she thought she was having a heart attack. They found a tumor in her lung. Then one on her pancreas. The day we found out for sure that she had both lung and pancreatic cancer I got another call. My best friends mom the 20 year cancer survivor had just been told she has lung cancer. These calls were literally 30 minutes apart. I literally fell apart. My Grandma chose not to fight the cancer. She passed away on August 15th. My best friends mom, diagnosed with stage 4 small cell carcinoma chose to take chemo. Not because the doctors were giving her hope to beat it but because she wanted a little more time with her grandchildren. After the first round of chemo was done her tests came back with no tumors found. We danced for joy. What we didn’t understand at the time is that wasn’t entirely a good thing. What it meant is that her cancer was very aggressive and ate lots of the chemo drugs, which did temporarily kill the cancer cells but not for long. Last month she had scans and it is back and worse than it ever was.

    I hate that she has had to go through this twice. I hate cancer.

  77. Our hired man’s 3 1/2 year old daughter has been battling leukemia for the past 6 weeks. Prognosis is good, but the battle is going to be very hard.

    I have a Kitchen-Aid, so if I win, Val, it’s yours.

  78. While my family has been fortunate in avoiding the effects of cancer, I realize others have not been so lucky. I have had several friends affected and just hate how it wrecks seemingly normal lives. Talk with your physician and get a plan together. Early diagnosis is key!

  79. I lost my Dad to oral cancer..he thought he had a canker sore that would not get better. By the time he was diagnosed he was stage 4…

  80. My grandma and dad are both cancer survivors. I was 11 when my dad was diagnosed, and he beat kidney cancer. My grandmother beat breast cancer when I was a baby. I am so grateful for still having both of them in my life. 🙂

  81. My grandma had breast cancer and she has been in remission for about 5 or so years. I was spared from it a year ago. The doctor thought I had ovarian but it came back that I didn’t. My cousin had ovarian cancer and she has been in remission.

  82. My Aunt was just diagnosed with breast cancer. My Uncle passed away 2 years ago From cancer at age 40. Cancer Sucks!!!!!!! Leontien kick cancers Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. I’ve had Aunts & Uncles with cancer & urge everyone to be screened, so many lives could be saved with early detection. Prayers to Leotien…… LOVE the pink!

  84. I have lost many family members and dear friends to cancer. My hope is one day there will be a cure for all cancers. We’ve come a long way though….my Uncle Carl died of leukemia when he was just sixteen, this was in the 70s…today his chances of survival would have been great. God Bless all that are fighting right now and those that have won the battle.

  85. Best of luck to all of you battling cancer. There are some success stories and the rate of success is always increasing. Stay strong.

  86. Val thanks for posting on cancer. It has changed my life and taken so many dear people from me. My mother died 11 1/2 yrs ago from liver cancer. She recieved the diagnosis and was gone 19 days later…and we know she was blessed to not have to suffer from treatments or her illness. My grandfather died of bone cancer, his daughter, my aunt from stomach cancer, one of his son’s, my uncle, from liver cancer just this past July. Can’t even count the number of people I know who have had it and are still dealing with it. Prayers to Leotien and her family.

  87. My Dad just finished up a 43 round of radiation for Prostate cancer a couple of weeks ago, I spoke with him last night and he said he is finally started to feel like himself a little bit. My stepmom conquered lymphoma about 10 years ago and is still cancer free, praise the Lord. I had a grandfather pass away with pancreatic cancer when I was young. I am very adamant about about mammograms and get my yearly checkup. Prayers going out for all that are battling some form of cancer and their families.

  88. Not even sure if I am eligible, but I LOVE that you are doing this post.

    My Mother in Law had breast cancer and never told anyone in the family, except her husband..She fought the battle alone in her own quiet way. I can’t believe how strong she must be to do something like that.

  89. a dear friend of mine died with cancer.she was a real gift from god and when she passed, she had peace in her heart.she are truey missed for all their kindness she showed our family..she was replaceable no1 has ever loved my baby the same way she did..she was his god mother .side note the day she met me she said that baby is mine. lol she loved him from the wom ..sorry for the last notes typo’s.. god bless

  90. Such a great product for such a great cause. My uncle died of a very aggressive form of brain cancer that came on quickly and took him quickly. So glad to see so many support Leontien right now.

  91. My dad had cancerous cells on his kidney. Thankfully, the doctors caught it in time and were able to remove them before it spread. It sure shook up our whole family and scared us all into getting checked out. Cancer is a scary and vicious disease and I think it’s awesome that you are trying to raise awareness of it!

  92. Cancer took my dad when he was only 67 and I was only 21. My mom
    was also ill at the time, getting shock treatments for depression. It was
    a very hard time for my sister and I. Losing my dad definitely made all
    of us more self-sufficient.

  93. My best friends mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when we were on high school and has fought this battle twice and won!! I am an avid supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness throughout the year and even have a Pink Ribbon tattoo on the top of my left foot!

  94. A year ago my brother was diagnosed with melanoma on his nose. It made me grateful that I made a decision a few years ago to not go to a tanning bed anymore. It’s not going to be easy to not use a tanning bed this next year for my daughter’s wedding. I will have to try to get color naturally and just the right amount. His surgery went well and it has healed up so much that you would never know it was there.
    Keep doing what you are doing with your blog. 🙂

  95. In a few weeks time two of my friends were told they had cancer, both were beautiful vibrant women who lost their battle with this terrible disease within months of each other. Someday, I pray, we will find the key to eradicate this evil from our lives.

  96. i didnt understand cancer i was a young lady but found out about when i seen my uncles mother inlaws breast cup filled with a jell bag on her dresser.i would look hard at her because she looked flat on one side .so when i found out i was scaried and my mom had to tell me @ cancer.but she is a older lady now and truely bless she a survivor..

  97. Hi! My Mother is a breast cancer survivor! It has forever changed my life, because it opened my eyes to the importance of self checks and breast cancer research! I am at high risk for this now, since I have had several family members who have had it. I do everything I can to help support this cause!


  98. My college boyfriend and longtime friend died of colorectal cancer. It made me feel powerless, scared and awake all at the same time. I am still mourning his loss and every year do what I can to support others that have been affected.

    I had my first mammo this year and was frightened at what they found. My story has a happy and non malignant ending, but again, it forced me to take charge of living my life in the present.

    Thank you.

  99. Both of my parents have had cancer. Luckily both were treated and are doing well. I know others (friends and other extended family) that have had to deal with death from cancer. My best friend lost her mom to breast cancer. She did not get to see my friend’s kid grow-up. Another friend just lost her husband from pancreatic cancer. She has four kids 7 and under and is now a single mom. I pray for anyone dealing with cancer for themselves and loved ones.

  100. Cancer is horrible. It has taken my Mother and 2 of my sisters. One of my brothers is currently fighting it and a niece just underwent surgery last week to remove a cancerous lump from her breast. Thankfully they think they got all of it. I send a prayer to all those who have lost someone to cancer and to anyone currently fighting it.

  101. When my son was in the hospital we joined an organization for sick children. Through them I met many families whose kids had cancer. Through the years it was painful to see how they all suffered and many of them pass away. It’s horrible to see children fight this terrible disease

  102. Both my parents, my aunts and uncles and my grandparents, as well as many good friends, are survivors of one sort of cancer or another — it has become an innate part of our everyday lives. How can anyone in the modern world not be affected? Fortunately, I have not had cancer, but I get all the tests, and wonder when it will hit ….

  103. What a beauty (all Pink yumminess)! I’m new here….but I love it already!
    This last year (Christmas time) I found a lump in my breast. I was pretty scared and so was my family. I’m one of those uninsured Americans and I don’t know if I was more afraid of the cancer thought or the lack of being able to pay for medical care.
    I’m happy to say…that after several intense mammograms & Radiology tests the lump was ruled non-cancerous. It gave me a whole new perspective on my life. I felt like I had another chance to really live a full life.

  104. I would love a chance to win this Kitchen Aid set. What an awesome giveaway.
    I will be emailing you shortly with my cancer story….but first I ask for prayer for my friend Sharon. She has been so sick and the dr’s were unable to find out what was wrong with her. She was admitted in to the hospital and within 3 days was sent home with a diagnosis of advanced stage of Pancreatic cancer and maybe 3 months to live. She is a nurse and knows this cancer…so she opted for no chemo. She has such a good attitude about this…which would be so hard for me. She’s going down pretty fast. Please pray for her and her family.

  105. Last year my coworker, who was a beautiful and wonderful friend and mother, was diagnosed with kidney cancer and died within a few months. My own son is a cancer survivor of over nine years.

  106. My mother has been dealing with skin cancer for the past few years and every time she goes in I get so worried. It definitely makes me rethink my skin care choices living here in FL.

  107. I don’t know anyone personally affected (although family and friends have loved ones in their lives who are) so I’m appreciative of how blessed I’ve been in that regard.

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