Getting Connected

Right now, I’m sitting in a hotel room with my friend, Katie. I’m getting ready to speak at a #140 Small Town Conference in Hutchinson, Kansas. And I’m writing a blog post.

What’s the deal?

There’s a common thread here…and that’s my internet connection. You see, Katie lives just an hour west of me, in a small, rural North Dakota town…and contrary to public belief, just because you live in North Dakota does not mean that you know everyone else in North Dakota. Katie and I met through Twitter. That’s right, there’s more than one person from North Dakota that uses Twitter. Mind blowing, isn’t it?

I met Katie in real life about a year ago, thanks to the planning by another friend, Sarah. And thanks to a late-night Twitter conversation with Katie, I am presenting my views at a conference tomorrow. I keep pinching myself, but apparently I’m awake.

The internet has made some amazing connections for me. I’m able to update my friends and family about George’s health and progress, and I’m able to share my thoughts and concerns whenever I feel like it. All thanks to a little wire that runs to our house. It amazes me.

And now, I’d like to share my connection with another woman. Although I have never met Leontien face-to-face, we are connected. And right now, she needs as much support as possible. She’s fighting melanoma for the second time…and as you know, cancer sucks.

So, if you would, please head tap the button, head on over, and let her know that she has a friend in cyberspace that is thinking of her, praying for her and helping her kick cancer. Although she, alone, is fighting this cancer…she’s not alone in the fight.

1 thought on “Getting Connected

  1. Hi Sweet lady!

    Thank you so so much for this wonderful post! you and all the are just amazing! And it makes me want to fight that much harder!

    I hope you had a great speech in Kansas!!!


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