Bringing in the Big Dogs

Dr. T told me to try every trick in the book to get George to drink…and I truly believe I have. We have:

  • bought wall stickers, placing one Buzz Lightyear for every drink he takes (sorry hospital decorating committee…George is taking over!)
  • bought new books
  • bought four new sippy cups
  • brought in our Pastor, Grandma W., Uncle J. and other visitors
  • bribed with food
  • bribed with rewards
  • offered free college tuition
  • freezees, sherbet, every frozen concoction available in low-protein
  • etc., etc.

Where did it get us? A maximum of 2 ounces in one whole day. (And that was yesterday, thanks to Grandma W!)

So today, my mom and dad returned from a trip to see family in Wisconsin. They came down after loading up a cooler full of George’s favorites from their house. Which included: Hug fruit barrel juices, his sippy cup from their house, freezees from their house, pudding, etc. They brought a cooler with straws, spoons, you name it. (Apparently a hospital may not have such utensils??? Ha!) 🙂

Well, it worked pretty well, because George drank two ounces while they were here…he had only had one ounce all day! So, they doubled his drinking total! Woohoo! (I know, I’m easily pleased, eh?)

As I type, he is laying in the chair…with his sippy cup!

It all starts with baby steps!


We might get out of here before he turns 18! I was afraid they were going to make us switch units soon! 🙂

Thank you so very much for the continued prayers and support. I make light of it now, but we were in a pretty serious situation. I’m so grateful to have friends and neighbors like you to share with our joys and tribulations! We are so blessed!

P.S. And little Brayton has had some promising reports himself! How exciting! The power of God is so amazing!

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