Wordless Wednesday – Siding project

Quick hospital update: George’s surgery went smoothly. Tonsils and adenoids were definitely a problem. But so was waking up. Things didn’t go as smoothly as planned, with one seizure-like episode, but nurses were SUPERB and right on top of things. The evening went better, and we’ll see where the day takes us.

The doctor is extremely helpful, and is in no hurry for George to leave. He said it’s most important that he’s taking fluids and that I feel comfortable with him at home. I love it when doctors get that!

Anyway…on to my Wordless Wednesday, cool pics of our siding project!

Saturday's project step: front porch.


The rain on Sunday delayed us...once the window was out. Not exactly ideal.


Notice the finished front porch? And the window is in!

We were three sheets of siding short of finishing before George’s surgery and my parents’ quick vacation to Wisconsin. We’ll finish next week…just in time for more pics and a post! 🙂

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