Project – complete

All week I’ve been working on putting new vinyl siding on the east side of my parents’ house…and last night we finished.

It was an entertaining week of work, with temps in the 100’s, help from various small children, a beehive, two different years and size of siding, etc. But we persevered, didn’t give up, and now we are done.

Just in time for Dad to decide to do the south side now. *sigh* Oh well, I’m just glad that I’m around to help!

Here’s my photo essay on siding a house:

Ripped off the steel siding, down to the original. Plus, replaced a window


Second window replaced, more steel removed.


Bees don't like having siding removed. Bees also don't like foam sealant. Exterminator called!


My Dad's solution to bee problem: shop vac. Just don't lift the lid.


Why am I the one on the roof? I'm the one afraid of heights!


Just down to the last few sheets...can't wait to be done!




All that's left is soffitt work and clean up!


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