Life of a Celebrity

Something that happened to me on Friday had me thinking all weekend about how celebrities handle regular life.

Let me get you caught up: I’ve been feeling like doggy-doo for a few weeks now. At first I thought it was this mysterious rash that came and wouldn’t go away. Then that got better, but I still wasn’t feeling well. I was having other “issues” as well…but I put it all off, thinking that with time, everything would improve. After a month of misery, I finally made an appointment.

I called and they scheduled me for the “earliest” appointment available, which was the last week of July. *sigh* Oh well, I was going to suck it up until I could see MY doctor. Late last week, the doctor’s office called with bad news. Something had come up and my doctor was going to be unavailable for my appointment…could I reschedule? I was leery about what that would mean. I had already suffered through a month of misery, how much longer would it take?

Well, surprise, surprise…they wanted to reschedule for Friday! Yep, a rescheduled appointment that was actually going to take place almost two weeks prior to the original appointment. How sweet is that?!?

So, on Friday I went. I explained to the nurse my symptoms, went throught the pre-appointment gobble-dee-gook, weight, blood-pressure, pulse…and then waited for the doctor. Up until the point she came in, all was textbook. And then, the door opened…

The doctor came in, telling me how much she enjoys reading my articles, how entertaining they are and so true to life. And then she told me how the OB staff on third floor cuts out my columns and puts them up for a chuckle (apparently, once you’ve had four children, the OB nurses kinda think of you as family). She asked about my son and my brother and the rest of my family and after a bit, we got around to the appointment part.

I thought to myself, “How does J.K. Rowling handle this? Diane Sawyer?” Just kidding. But yet, it was a little awkward for me. I mean, after hearing about how she likes what I write, I really didn’t want to tell her that I wasn’t feeling well. I’d hate for the next time she read my column, all she could think about was, “Oh, this is the gal who couldn’t figure out why she felt like doggie-doo.”

Anyway, I got over my irrational thoughts and got down to the reason for the visit…and after some talking, and an ultrasound, it became obvious. No, I was not hitting menopause at 34. No, I was not hitting puberty. No, I am not expecting another child. But I do have a somewhat annoying cyst that is causing all of my problems, symptoms and misery (well, except those caused by the four children, mentioned previously). In six weeks I get to go back and have a recheck…and hopefully avoid any type of surgery.

But at least this time I’ll be better prepared. I’ll have my “handler” call for the appointment, I’ll use an assumed name and I’ll wear shades with a big floppy hat. That should keep it low-key, right? 😉

11 thoughts on “Life of a Celebrity

  1. This is also part of the reason why I love living in a small town. I may not be a celebrity, but my dentist and receptionist, ob, and regular fam doc have come to know our entire family and extended fam so we always have lots to catch up on.

    • I agree 100% on small-town life! Wouldn’t change it for the world! The funny part about this, is that this particular doctor isn’t in my small town. She’s in a MUCH larger town an hour south of us. That’s also the town that is home to the daily newspaper that my column runs in (every other week). If this had happen in my community, it wouldn’t have even phased me.

  2. I live on a farm in Wisconsin and my daughter works for an Ag marketing company and introduced me to your blog a month ago. I just love it! You remind me a lot of what my life was like when our 3 children were small and “doing it all” and farming…now our youngest is 15 and we are still very involved in our local, county and the WI State Fair, so I so understand your excitement of helping your children with their fair projects and seeing their faces when they get their first ribbons. I am so excited 4-H and fairs continue on in your state, too. It is one of the best programs for kids to grow up in. 4-H teaches kids to get involved in community service projects and working together can be fun and make a difference. I can tell you are an awesome mom! It is great how your blog not only touches people in your community, but in other states! Keep writing!

    PS…I wished you lived closer, we would have come to help with clean-up, too. That is what rural America is all about!

    • Thank you for the amazing compliment! I hope some day that my kids will say the same thing…you know, sometimes you wonder if what you’re doing is working out for the best. And thank you so very much for the offer of help, it’s the wonderful people that I’ve met through this blog that help soften the blow. Where are you at in Wisconsin? I was born there…and still have family there! We hope to be heading there in August for a quick visit…if the weather cooperates! 🙂 Take care, and come back soon!

      • We live in Lodi, WI…just 25 minutes north of Madison. Home of the Lodi Agricultural Fair and Susie the Duck! But I am from Waunakee…just moved from one farm to the next when I got married. Heading to the Dane Cty Fair today…it is a grueling day for our fair hogs…show day is Thursday.
        🙂 Lori

        PS. With the last name Ripp…Keith’s grandmother had 66 grandchildren when she passed away years ago…we have a ton of relatives.

      • I was born in Beaver Dam, just to the east of you a bit! I still have family in Sun Prairie, Randolph, Fox Lake and Iola. Good luck at the fair! (And stay cool, both you and the animals!)

  3. Val

    Hope you feel better and all goes well. It is no fun to feel icky, especially in this heat.

    Doesn’t it make you feel awesome inside to have some nice compliments on your work. Be proud of yourself and keep up the great job you do! Everyday actions add up to make a difference.

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