Wordless Wednesday – Rain

Rain. That’s the story around here. And quickly behind that is flooding.

My husband always says that we’re only one rain away from a drought…I guess the same is true for flooding. And unfortunately, that story is the same in many areas of the country.

But here’s some pics that I took anyway:

When it's muddy and you're bored and your wagon needs a side, make do with the materials you have on hand...right?



Clearly, it's raining. Picture taken through the shop window.



Little wet tractors - picture taken with shop door part-way down.



Another shot off the bottom of the shop door.



Trees appreciate the rain. Although this storm in the background produced a tornado shortly after this shot was taken. Thankfully it was already north of us. And no one was injured.



Loved the slow drip of the rain off the fence...even if we didn't need the moisture.



My poor little begonia - I didn't realize this pot didn't have a drain hole. Poor thing was drowning!


For those in dry areas, I will pray that our extra moisture heads your way. And for those that are flooding and losing your homes, your farms, your land and your livelihood, I will also pray for you! May the weather straighten out soon!

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Rain

  1. We have had plenty of much needed rain around here. After a really wet spring it dried off and all the farmers were finally saying that we could really use a rain. Farming is definitely a gamble!

  2. I have some pots with out drain holes that need some love at home too! The rain in North Dakota is overwhelming along with the flooding. At the same time my heart breaks for the drought areas. Fun pics. I hope I see you soon prairie mama. I miss you greatly. Thanks for linking up for WW!

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