Wordless Wednesday – Crazy Week

It’s been one of those weeks…and to top it off, we got a puppy! We have 300 acres planted and many more to go. I finally got the garden planted, but the wind has taken care of some of it. Life has been interesting, that’s for sure. Now softball and VBS tonight, more VBS tomorrow night and perhaps a quiet weekend at home. Whew! I can’t wait!

EJ decided to keep the puppy company on her first night.


The puppy whined when in the kennel, so EJ decided she should sleep on his batman pillow.


Road trips and cameras...need I say more?


And we ask Scooter once again...where are your glasses???


EJ loves trips in the van, doesn't matter where we go!


George has really packed on the pounds the last few months...we have been so blessed!!!

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