New adventures

Well, it’s official. I’m starting a new adventure in my life. I am officially a columnist for a regional daily newspaper.

Yeah, that’s right, someone is actually going to publish what I write. Hah! 🙂

Actually, I used to work at the Aberdeen American News prior to married life. I typed up wedding announcements and birth announcements and all sorts of community events. I proofread the paper and worked on special assignments. I met some amazing people and I LOVED my job.

But driving an hour one way, starting a new life (and family) with my new husband and having an opportunity closer to home all convinced me that I needed to travel down another path. Fast forward 10 years, and here we are!

My columns will run every other week, starting May 25…and I’m nervous! Aack! But I’m also excited. I have a chance to share my story, share my farm, and share my family with others on a scale that not many are given. How amazing is that?!?

Milk is good for you!

With these guys around, I probably won't run out of stuff to write about!

And to top it off…some of the same great people are still working at the paper. So it’s a little like coming home. In fact, the same amazing woman who was my boss so many years ago will now be my editor. Cool, eh?

Well, I better get to writing down all these ideas floating in my head. I can’t wait!!!

P.S. If you have any ideas, suggestions, etc. you’d like to share, shoot ’em at me!!

5 thoughts on “New adventures

    • Never! 🙂 The blog world won’t be getting rid of me for quite some time. The executive editor was actually very excited and interested in seeing the marriage between the two, the blog and the column. Throw a twittering cow into the mix, and I think we have a pretty unique situation! 😉 I’m just excited about the opportunity!

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