A Birthday Tradition

It’s raining. I should be a tad surprised, since the weatherman said that the chances were slim, but I’m not. You see, today is my birthday. And it rains on my birthday.

When I was younger, we always watched the forecast, because I always wanted to have a party at the park. I LOVED playing outside. But year after year, our plans were changes, because it would rain. And then, one year it looked like it was going to work out. I was able to plan an outside party at the park in town! I was so excited! And, although it wasn’t a perfect day (the wind was so strong that my cake blew across the picnic table!), it was one of the best birthdays that I can remember.

Last year we were at Mayo with George. George’s birthday is tomorrow. I spent my birthday preparing him for the colonoscopy that he had for his birthday. Not such a great day for either of us! But we made up for it this year. And I’ll show you the picture proof tomorrow. Can’t wait!

By the way, Easter break is over for school, so here’s the last week of Ag Book of the Day (today is day 15):

“A Cow’s Alfalfa-Bet” by Woody Jackson. Not your typical alphabet book, but some really great artwork and a very farm-y way to learn your ABC’s!

Click to enlarge

2 thoughts on “A Birthday Tradition

  1. Hey! Happy Birthday to a fellow “bull!” (Mine is tomorrow, just like George’s! I’m in good company!) It always rained on my birthday when I was a kid, too! One year, it rained so hard, they cancelled the party because the yard was too muddy. Ahh, childhood memories!

  2. Happy Birthday to you and George! I hope you have a wonderful celebration. You will have to celebrate a little extra for the good reports from Mayo.

    Today is my sister’s Birthday too. You will have to check out the blog post I did in her honor.

    The thing about today I remember is wind on Sister’s b-day.

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