Maximum multiples

It seems that farms and ranches that are having multiple births have been in the news as of late. There have been articles in local papers with herds that have three sets of twins, some on the same day, etc.

Well, not to toot our own horns (but why would I have a blog if I didn’t want to share our story?)…but we’ve had 18 sets of twins this year. Yep, 18.

Now, not all of the twins made it, but as of this morning, six cows are still raising both calves. That means that our calving season has produced more calves than we have cows. Which is pretty cool.

Want to hear something more impressive? My brother-in-laws farm in South Dakota has produced 22 sets of twins this year. Now, genetically these herds are linked. They both come from the original herd started here on the farm. But they do follow different breeding protocols, so although similar, the herds are markedly different.

Twins are the norm around here…I’m just glad it’s stuck to only the cattle! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Maximum multiples

    • Thank you! Some consider twins a pain and too much work, but we feel it’s a blessing and well worth the time. Hope the rest of your spring is GREAT!

    • My hubby always comments that are cows tend to milk more like holsteins than beef cows, but we’re blessed to have a herd of really GREAT mothers! You can’t replace instinct, no matter how you try! I hope the cow bounces back fine…and good luck! 🙂

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