Sleepy Saturday

We had an interesting 24-hours. Scooter is grounded until he turns 60, Boss Man decided to run a fever (spiking at 105.2), EJ has been busy (as in lots and lots of trouble, busy), Big Bro is bored and George is being George.

Little George decided he wanted to wear underwear today. I knew he didn’t mean that he wanted to wear underwear and actually USE the potty, so we compromised.

Not the typical way to wear underwear, but it works. Are you cute enuf to pull it off?

I’m disinfecting everything, trying to make sure that George doesn’t come down with whatever Daddy managed to pick up. Let’s hope I’m successful…but hey, when you’re that cute, how could a germ decide to call war? Right?

Well, Boss Man just called from the clinic. He is influenza positive. Nothing like having a whole family on Tamiflu. I declare germ warfare!

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturday

  1. I am new to your blog. Hope your family gets to feeling better soon.

    You are in North Dakota, right? I hope the storm coming our way fizzles out. I live in northwest South Dakota and they are talking storm for us moving in tonight.

    Good Luck!

    • Robyn – Thank you for such kind thoughts! I appreciate it so much!!

      Yes, I live in southeast North Dakota…and I certainly do hope that this storm fizzles out. I’m ready for summer!!! Thank you, again, and may your April be beautiful! 🙂

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