Before you know it

Well, it’s official, Christmas is almost here. Yikes. I guess I better get some cheer on!

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. My tinsel is dull, my carols are out of tune and my tree seems to be missing its bling. I need a serious intervention.

I think part of my problem is that I’ve been so keyed up about the doctor’s visits and all that, that I’ve forgotten to sit back, relax a bit and enjoy each day…so that’s my goal this week.

I’m not going to worry about what the new year is going to bring. I’m not going to worry about things I can’t control…at least for a few days.

I will enjoy my children, enjoy my family, enjoy the holiday and remember the reason for the season, by thanking God for all of the gifts that I have been blessed with.

Maybe if I simplify and relax a bit, I will find my Christmas spirit and will celebrate whole-heartedly along with my children and watch the magic unfold before their eyes.

That’s the biggest blessing of all.

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