Ag in action

It’s amazing to sit in the audience at the North Dakota Farm Bureau’s annual meeting and watch the delegates in action. Truly amazing.

How fortunate are we that we live in a country were like minds, like hearts, like industries can come together and discuss what we would like to see in our futures. Not only that, but we can discuss our diferences, bring them to a vote and make a collective decision as to where we would like to see our organization head.

If that isn’t grassroots at its finest, what is?

I strongly urge each person reading this to get involved. If Farm Bureau isn’t your thing, so be it. But get involved. Knowing that you have a hand on the wheel that is turning our country can give you a true feeling of empowerment. If your voice isn’t at the table, then who hears you?

Today is a good day. And tomorrow will be too. How do I know? Because I make it so.

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