End of an era

Sorry about the down time. I’ve been dealing with some family things and didn’t want my thoughts to taint my blog. Long story, but I’m done with it now.

Anyway, last week Mark and I were fortunate to be able to attend the fall meeting of the American Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher committee. Those that we serve on the committee with are some pretty amazing people. It was a GREAT few days!

When we got back home from St. Louis, we were blessed with a few days of absolutely amazing weather here at home. We reached 70 degrees on Monday…that’s right, I said 70! Woohoo!

To take advantage of the beautiful weather, my husband and father-in-law decided to do some maintenance work around the farm. One of their chores was to take down the TV antenna that stood at the top of the house, like a sentry watching guard.

Boss man and his dad work on removing the TV antenna that has been on the roof of our house for decades.

It was kind of sad to see the antenna come down. Just one more instance of where old is replaced with new, the changing of the times. I’m sure my children will never even remember it was there, let alone what it was for.

So, do you have any things that YOU remember that the future generations will never have an inkling as to what it was all about?

2 thoughts on “End of an era

  1. Tapes, dial-up internet, vinyl records, real chalk boards and chalk, typewritters, Smurfs.

    Oh funny story on Smurfs! This spring when my Hillbilly was planting soybeans our middle child, Shortman, was helping him. There were some blue treated beans in the mix, he asked Hillbilly what those were and he commented “Smurf poop.” The Shortman’s response, “What’s a Smurf?”.

  2. We still have a 1930s model rotatry phone in our kitchen, mostly as a decoration, (it does work, however) but I had to teach my son how to use it and we have had several young kids say, “What is that and how does it work?”

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