Just a regular childhood accident

Yesterday didn’t quite go as planned, but I do have to say that most of my days aren’t “planned” for this exact same reason. If you don’t have plans, then you can’t be upset by not going through with them…right??? 🙂

Anyway, just a little before lunch time I received this call from the school:



“This is (so-and-so) from the school. Ummm. There was a small accident involving Scooter and the slide and, well, he’s got quite the goose-egg on his forehead. Can you come in and take a look?”

“Yeah, let me load up the others and I’ll come in. It’ll be about 20 minutes.”

“OK, we’ll have him in the office. We’re icing it.”

Let me tell you, from my experience, if the school is calling to have you “take a look” at a wound when you live out of town, chances are a trip to the doctor is going to be called for…and it was.

The good news is it was just a mild concussion, we avoided the CT scan (Wagner heads are EXCEPTIONALLY hard…I’ve always known it, and now I have proof!) and Scooter is back at school today, complete with battle wound to show off to his friends.

Although it was a few hours ate up out of my day, it was a relief to have just a “normal” childhood accident.

And the new pediatrician was pleased to meet one of my other children…not just George. His comment on meeting Scooter? “Boy, he’s a big boy!” And just for the record, Scooter is 6, weighs 88 pounds and is 56″ tall. Little George and him make a GREAT pair! 🙂

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