Entering a new era

Guess what??? I’m laying in my bed right now.

Now, before you go going all sicko on me, I’m not trying to be one of those 900-number blogs (do such a thing exist?)…I’m just excited to share the news that I have finally entered the 21st century. I have a laptop!

Now for most people, that wouldn’t mean much, but to me, this is monumental. Not only can I blog from the comfort of my room, while rocking a stubborn 3-year-old to sleep, but I can also stay connected while on the road.

The opportunities are endless, and I plan on taking advantage of them!

So be prepared world…Val Wagner is now unplugged…

3 thoughts on “Entering a new era

  1. You go girl! So excited for you! Okay, now that you’re mobile… here are two tips….I learned the hard way on these…

    1. put the darn thing where little hands can’t “click”…my youngest was shopping online the other night with my back turned for just a few seconds folding laundry…lol! Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped her…She might have been picking something nice out for me 🙂

    2. Back up your work.

    Nuff said.

    Enjoy Val! So proud of you! Love the blog!

    Sarah 🙂

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